About Us Ocala FL

We are an asphalt paving company that provides paving services to both residential and commercial customers.

Ocala Paving Contractors offers high quality residential and commercial paving throughout Ocala Florida. Our goal as a paving company is the same today as it was in the beginning, to provide our clients with the best possible result for their paving project. Specializing in tar and chip paving and asphalt paving solutions, we are proud to deliver professional services, regardless of what you’re searching for. As a team of paving contractors, we are fully aware of what our clients are looking for. No matter if you are looking for a new driveway to be installed or if you could use a commercial paving company to offer you a brand new parking lot, we are here to help.  

Our dedication to starting a real relationship with our clients ensures that we create long-lasting results. We truly care about your property. We want to see it succeed. We want you to get the most out of your investment. That’s why we take the approach that we do with our work. Instead of selling you on services you don’t need, we work with you to figure out how to improve the quality of your asphalt and tar and chip.  

Services We Offer

We provide a wide array of paving services throughout Ocala Florida. All our services start with a free paving estimate in Ocala Florida. Why? Because we believe you should never have to pay to figure out how much we are going to charge you. Some of our services include the following:  

Commercial Paving Services  

-Parking Lot Installations  

-Parking Lot Resurfacing  

-Parking Lot Repairs  

-Parking Lot Maintenance  

Residential Paving Services  

-Driveway Installations 

-Driveway Repairs  

-Driveway Sealcoating  

-Driveway Resurfacing  

Values That Guide Us 

As a paving company, we also take pride in making sure our values are upheld. These values include: 


We are dedicated to being honest in all that we do. That includes our initial estimate and through to our clean up of the job site.  

-Competitive Pricing  

We also believe that all our services can be done to the highest standards and competitive price point. Contact us for a free paving estimate in Ocala Florida.  


We are transparent in our services and what we can do for your commercial or residential property. You can rely on us for long-term results and transparent service.  

Receive Your Free Paving Estimate 

If you are ready to hire a professional paving company to manage your asphalt and tar and chip paving solutions, then you can choose Ocala Paving Contractors with confidence. Before we move forward, be sure to give us a call to get your free paving estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.